Terri did a great job tailoring her work and approach to meet our needs while we were working on a collaborative effort with another organization. She helped facilitate complex discussions, but did so at arms-length allowing those of us who would be impacted to take the lead. Terri was very organized and kept us focused and on task as we worked through some challenging issues. Terri definitely guided the process in a way that met our needs, I am very pleased that we selected her to help us do this work.

Gerald Coon, PhDPresident & CEO, Diverse & Resilient

Terri was instrumental in mapping our current process in Harley-Davidsons’s Enthusiast Services department as we were expanding our product offerings and enhancing the user experience, all the while improving efficiency. She facilitated the working team, led a value stream mapping process, and assisted in the development and implementation of a future state that met all of our objectives and deliverables. With her IT background she was able to specify the right enhancements to the system without disrupting our current operations. Her unique blend of process, systems, lean thinking, and operations was a real asset to improving our business!

Julie ChichlowskiHarley-Davidson Motor Company

Terri has a natural ability to inspire a team and calmly coach while working alongside you. Her project plans are always well drafted and all encompassing. Terri is very good at analyzing situations. She works diligently to fully understand the problem, never jumping to conclusions. With this framework, and her natural ability to inspire and motivate the team, stress is reduced and success assured. She was able to facilitate focus groups to define the current state of the process, identify pain points, and analyze solutions. When the work load cannot be handled by current resources, she is very willing to approach management regarding the need for additional resources or modify the project plan. You won’t go wrong with bringing her on board.

Shirley TatroChief Knowledge Officer - KnowledgePath Consulting

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