The work in an organization is encompassed in processes that take a variety of inputs, guides the creation of your products and services and enables your support systems.  The processes in an organization are rarely designed ahead of time, rather they evolve as an organization evolves and grows.

Waste, or the non-value added things that occur through the work, creeps into processes and costs an organization direct and indirect costs.  Examples of waste are defects, over processing and inventory.

Do More with Less by eradicating the waste from your organization.

Coughlin Consulting’s passion is to focus on how the work gets done and find exciting ways to streamline and get it under control, so you and your people don’t feel controlled by the work. Let our fresh eyes look at the ‘how’, so you can concentrate on the ‘why’ and the ‘what’ of your purpose.

Still not sure?

If you answer ‘yes’ to many of these questions,

  • Wondering how to get all the work done with smaller budgets?
  • Do you have more work than people or money, and no ability to add more resources?
  • Are you constantly not getting to the important work/projects/new innovations?
  • Does the work feel too complicated to pass onto or train others?
  • Do priorities keep changing?
  • Does the work feel disconnected from your goals or strategies?
  • Do too many mistakes or too much rework keep occurring?

Leverage Coughlin Consulting to collaborate with you to customize an approach for your situation, using their experience, tools and methods:

  • Lean Principles
  • Waste Elimination
  • Process, Value-Stream Mapping
  • Standardized Work Instructions
  • Operations Manuals
  • Role and Expectations Clarity
  • Decision-Making Tools
  • Prioritization Tools

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