“Doing More with Less” = Sustainability? Do you agree?

By September 12, 2014Food for Thought

Yesterday I had an ‘ah ha’ moment at a Sustainability Lunch & Learn sponsored by the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce.  When asked to describe how businesses can practice sustainable methods and act ‘green’, one of the presenters suggested that eliminating unnecessary spending in order to reduce overhead and streamlining work to improve employee morale were all ‘green’ practices – I did the ‘V8’ smack on my forehead and said to myself – “Of Course”!


My tag line is ‘Opening Pathways by Doing More with Less’ and I have a passion for working with organizations to eliminate the waste (money, time, frustration, etc.) and streamline their operations – Do More with Less.

Am I practicing being ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’?  Do you agree with this concept of sustainability?

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