Are Your Customers in Pain?

In my last blog, I talked about Where to Look for Organizational Pain. Over the next weeks, I will be exploring each of those locations where organizational pain can reside, in a little more depth. I will also provide some tools or methods for finding the root cause of the pain so you can begin relieving the pain in the discussed area.

The first area to look for organizational pain is with your Customers


It’s your Customer or client for whom you exist. If something isn’t going right for them, they will eventually leave. If you are not earning the trust and respect of new Customers, you won’t be able to grow. There is a lot of focus now on Voice of the Customer (VOC). In this day and age of social media, with things going viral at lightening speeds, one dissatisfied Customer can impact hundreds, if not thousands, of your current and future Customers. Make sure they are not in pain from your products or services or suffer pain trying to do business with you. Check in and listen to your Customers.

Begin Probing

Like a doctor does with us as patients, ask questions and probe so you can properly diagnose the real issue and begin working to relieve it.

Here are some questions you might want to ask your customers, yourself, your leadership team and possibly your employees:

      1. Do you know who your customer is?
      2. Do your customers know who you are?
      3. Are you reaching your intended customers?
      4. Are your customers satisfied?
      5. Why are you having trouble growing your customer base?
      6. Why are your customers leaving you?
      7. Do you fully understand what your customers want or expect?
      8. Do your customers feel special?
      9. Do your customers trust and respect you?
      10. Is it easy for your customers to do business with you?
      11. Is it easy for your customers to provide feedback to you?
      12. Are your customers receiving a fair value for your products or services?

Each of these questions can lead to a number of additional questions before you can properly diagnose the root cause – keep asking until you get there!

Tools and Methods

Here are some tools and methods to consider in further diagnosing the pain symptoms in order to get to the root cause:

      a. Facilitated Focus Groups
      b. Facilitated Brainstorming Sessions
      c. Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Analysis
      d. Market Research and Analysis
      e. Marketing Plan Development and Execution
      f. Value Stream Mapping

What do you Think?

What probing questions might you have to find the root cause of your Customers’ Pain?

What tools or methods would you propose to find the root cause of your Customers’ Pain?

Next week we’ll explore the Organizational Pain associated with your Purpose or Vision. Want help with your organizational pain? Click here to find out more.



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