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About Terri Coughlin

Terri Coughlin has been solving tough problems, dealing with staffing cuts, working with budgets that have been slashed and managing small to large projects for more than thirty years. She will work alongside you, step by step, both cheering you on, but finding the root cause and addressing the issues holding back the organization. Her management style is gentle and effective. Think of her as a constant in your quest for change. No stone will remain unturned, as she finds a particular way to look at the rocks – putting them in an order you might not have seen, or pulling out rocks that are no longer of use to you. She has a passion for helping organizations focus on what is important and ridding themselves of things that get in the way – doing more with less.

Terri Coughlin has 35 years of program, process, and operations management experience, primarily focused in the ‘back office’ areas of the business.  Her extensive experience with team development, cross-functional collaboration, continuous improvement and deliverable planning and execution comes both from corporate support functions and extensive non-profit volunteer work she has done with communities who are frequently victims of abandonment. This combination of large industry management along with volunteer work gives her a unique position to look at issues from both the operations side as well as people side of things. It is a perspective that cannot be taught but comes from the heart.

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